- The CDC reported that there were 2853 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in 2014 in New York State

- Ticks do NOT get Lyme disease from deer

- Ticks DO get Lyme disease from the white footed mouse, small rodents and some birds.

- Most cases of Lyme disease occur in the late spring and early summer.

- Common symptoms of Lyme disease include: stiffness or swelling in joints, fatigue, fever, headache, joint or muscle pain and a red bulls eye rash at the infection site is often found

Facts About Ticks


Ticks can be a serious problem for people that enjoy spending time outside. Most people in New York and other areas in the North East are aware of the health risks associated with ticks. Your exposure to ticks can be significantly reduced by learning more about what can be done on your property to reduce their populations. Please call us to learn about our tick control programs. We offer several different tick control methods including an organic treatment, which utilizes a cedar oil based product.

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Facts About Lyme Disease


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- Only the deer tick carries lyme disease

- The deer tick and other species of ticks can carry other types of diseases such anaplasmosis and babesiosis.

- Ticks are arachnids (related to spiders) not insects

- Ticks have 4 stages in their life cycle egg larva nymph & adult

- They prefer shady areas that may be wooded or have tall grass

- Ticks cannot fly or jump, they wait on brush or grass for a mammal to pass by and then grab on to their host.