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Mowing will have the greatest impact on the overall health of your lawn. Grass should always be cut to remove no more than 1/3 of the total height. It may take several weeks or longer for your lawn to recover from one mowing that was too short. In the mean time while your grass is trying to recover weeds are going to take over and the battle begins. In our area assuming that you don't have a lawn sprinkler system you will need to keep your grass cut to 3.5 - 4". If you do have and irrigation system you can get away with mowing a little shorter. Should the grass clippings be bagged? The best answer is NO! Unless your lawn is a putting green or a fairway I always recommend leaving grass clippings and leaves to be left in the lawn to replenish the soil. The only time you will have to remove clippings or leaves is when they are excessive. Mower blades must be kept sharp and mowing patterns should be changed on each mowing. Still confused? Give us a call 845-705-3099


​Getting a greener lawn is much more than just hiring a lawn care company to fertilize, control insects, control diseases and seed. Having a nice lawn requires proper mowing, water and patience. It can take as long as 2 years to develop thick established turf. 

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During certain times of the year watering can have a major impact on the health of your lawn, both positive and negative. Too much water and your lawn is prone to diseases, too little and your lawn may start to thin out and turn brown. Watering should always take place in the early morning and never in the evening or you will create the perfect home for lawn diseases. Daytime watering is ok but your usually going to loose a lot of water from evaporation and the water will not have time to soak deep into the soil. How often to water is dependent on your soil characteristics, grass types and environmental factors. As general advice we recommend that you water infrequently and soak the soil throughly during each watering. Letting the lawn dry out in-between waterings is a good habit to create to force your lawn to grow deeper roots. Light frequent waterings will cause your grass roots to become shallow and susceptible to stress. Still don't have it figured out? Give us a call 845-705-3099